Watercolor Catching the Wave Painting

Catching the Wave

Kayaking is one of my passions and I am lucky enough to have some good kayak friends who are especially skilled.  This watercolor is of a friend who was kayak surfing in the Pacific Ocean in the dynamic coastal waters off northern Washington state.  Kayak surfing is just what it sounds like -- trying to catch and ride a wave while in a kayak instead of a surfboard.

“Catching the Wave” captures the beauty and dynamic energy of one of my favorite sports.

Painting this watercolor was a bit different than my usual process.  Instead of a variety of bright colors, this painting is almost completely just subtle shades of green and blue, with the white tops of the foamy surf near the top.  I tried to be careful to keep the cresting wave as luminescent as possible.  Since I didn't use any white paint in this picture, I  had to make sure to not apply any paint to areas that I wanted to remain white.  The whites are actually just the white of the underlying paper showing through.   I loved that challenge!

The original reference photograph was taken by the fearless and talented kayaker, Deb Volturno.  Thanks, Deb!

This original watercolor is hand signed and titled and is already matted and framed, ready to hang!  Sizes are the painting size only -- matted and framed paintings will be a bit larger (typically 5-8" larger per side.)

Prices do not include shipping.  Contact me to get an estimate for shipping costs.

Size Cost
11" x 14" $195