Watercolor Reflections and Shadows Painting

Reflections and Shadows

Painting glass is all about the details within the glass.  This ended up taking me a lot of patience and about 50 hours to finish.

I really enjoyed seeing the reflections of the glass in the dark window, as well as the interesting shadows the vases and teapot made on the white table, especially where the blue vase shadows overlap the teapot shadows.

I made a time lapse video of how I painted it:  https://youtu.be/1ZgBGYWWOfY

This original watercolor is hand signed and titled and is already matted and framed, ready to hang!  Sizes are the painting size only -- matted and framed paintings will be a bit larger (typically 5-8" larger per side.)

Prices do not include shipping.  Contact me to get an estimate for shipping costs.

Size Cost
28" x 21.5" $1,195