Watercolor Farm Fresh Eggs Painting

Farm Fresh Eggs

I saw this old Chevrolet car while out driving around one day.  I was fascinated by the interesting contrast between it's rusted body and it's gleaming headlights and decided to zoom in a bit on the perspective to make this the focal point of the painting. 

Look closely at the trim around the lights and front of the car, and you can see some reflections where the chrome is still shiny.

The title of this painting comes from the enigmatic  "Farm Fresh Eggs" sign inside the passenger window.  Did the household still sell farm fresh eggs?  Or was this a leftover sign from an earlier era?  Why would you sell eggs from a Chevy?

These are high quality giclee reproductions that are printed on fine art paper and come with a 1/2" white border.  They generally arrive at your home within two weeks of ordering, ready to be matted and framed.  Larger sizes are available by special order -- contact me for more information.

Prices include shipping.

Size Cost
20" x 24" $150
16" x 20" $115
11" x 14" $85
8" x 10" $60