Watercolor The Sentinel Painting

The Sentinel

This heron is beautifully backlit by the morning sun in this watercolor.

Just a few colors were needed for this color palette - a blue, pink and yellow.  Mixes of mostly those three colors created the nuances of color seen in this watercolor.  My goal was to create a sense of that early morning peace and quiet that you find if you're willing to get up early enough.

If you are interested, I made a YouTube video about painting this dignified bird.   "The Sentinel" YouTube video.  If you watch this video, you'll see a time-lapse demonstration of "negative painting' when I paint the feathers.  Negative painting is when you paint the space around the OUTSIDE of the object (in this case, the feathers) which makes the object seem to magically appear though the object itself is still white.  This is different than the way we usually think of painting where we paint the INSIDE of an object to define it .

Edwin Butter took the original reference photo for this painting and gave permission for me to use it.  Thanks, Edwin!

These are high quality giclee reproductions that are printed on fine art paper and come with a 1/2" white border.  They generally arrive at your home within two weeks of ordering, ready to be matted and framed.

Prices include shipping.

Size Cost
20" x 24" $150
16" x 20" $115
11" x 14" $85
8" x 10" $60