Watercolor Daffodil Painting


I have always loved daffodils and their cheerful spring greeting.

My watercolor entitled "Daffodil" started when I took some photos of daffodils in my garden one sunny spring day.  The photos I took had a lot of daffodils in them but I ended up cropping one photo to just these two daffodils to evoke a sense of intimacy with the flower.

Next I picked my paint colors.  In this case I used just three colors -- a red, a yellow and a blue -- the other colors were blended from those.  I also had to decide what I wanted to leave white.  I don't use white paint so the whites are just the white of the paper showing through.

The daffodil was painted with several very thin layers of watercolor, each applied after the previous one had dried.

This original watercolor is hand signed and titled and is already matted and framed, ready to hang!  Sizes are the painting size only -- matted and framed paintings will be a bit larger (typically 4-5" larger per side.)

Prices do not include shipping.  Contact me to get an estimate for shipping costs.

Size Cost
11" x 14" $195