Watercolor Golden Harvest Painting

Golden Harvest

In this watercolor, "Golden Harvest", 16" x 20",  I tried to evoke the soft feeling of an early morning sunrise as a backdrop against the daffodils.   I decided to paint the window sash as much darker than it really was, to add more drama to the scene, and purposely painted it in a watery, somewhat abstract manner.  I had to make up the jar's shadow entirely, since it wasn't actually in my original photo. It's a bit hard to believe but when I picked these daffodils from my garden one spring and stuck them in a spare mason jar that I had on hand, I didn't notice the writing on the glass jar that gives this painting it's name.  It was only later in the fall when I was sketching the jar for my painting that I saw the "golden harvest" raised glass letters and realized that was the perfect title for a jar of daffodils! If you are interested, here is a video of how I painted Golden Harvest: https://youtu.be/jgg-VrYrch0

This original watercolor is hand signed and titled and is already matted and framed, ready to hang!  Sizes are the painting size only -- matted and framed paintings will be a bit larger (typically 5-8" larger per side.)

Prices do not include shipping.  Contact me to get an estimate for shipping costs.

Size Cost
16" x 20" $595